USB3.0 Active Optical Cables Type A Plug to Type A Receptacle at Incredible Speed and Over Longer Distances Max 50 Meters


USB 3.Optical™ Cables

  • Connector:Type A Plug to Type A Receptacle

  • Compatible with most USB 3.0 devices,Support USB 3.0 @5Gbps

  • high speed,thin, high flex,“zero-bend” radius cable

  • Requires no external power supply to extend USB device reach

  • Hot swappable

  • Built in overcurrent protection

  • Extend USB 3.0 Distance

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Longer, Thinner Cable without EMI/RFI Emissions

Million times bending fatigue test:



  • Industrial Camera and Supervisory Camera

  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for Machine Vision

  • Industrial Printer Application

  • Security Monitoring Field

  • Digital Signage and TV Wall

  • Remote Storage System